FREE LIBRA COIN A decentralised stable coin without the single point of failure - human greed

MinX AI is driven by the user wallets, every wallet can act as gateway to execute web-based interaction with Exchange API's . MinX will held own but transparent wallets on several exchanges to provide the financial backend.

Instead of being bound or "stabilised" by FIAT currencies, FREE LIBRA will be bound to existing stable coins.

Users can send supported coins to MinX and they will be traded to Stable Coins which again will be kept in a virtual Basket by MinX. This basket builds and revenues build the value of the FREE LIBRA COIN.

There is no Entity in control of MinX. She works alone, she is always awake and nobody is in control of her. She is just a 21th century girl

How it works from User point of view:

The Free-Libra Wallet shows you existing wallet addresses owned by MinX for different coins.
It also shows you the current value of each Asset in Free Libra Coins (FRL)
You can send coins to MinX and you will get the value back shown in FRL to your wallet.
Wenn you send FRL back to MinX wit will send you any currency and will burn the FRL coins accordingly.
The value of FRL is based on a mix of USDT, USDC, GEMINI DOLAR, BitEUR, BitCNY

Trading Gain Target Coins are TELOS, XBTX an BTC

MinX AI can also work in Private Mode which means all gains based on your Input belong to you and MinX AI can also work with KYC enforcing Exchanges.
Anyway MinX AI will take fees to support the network security and pay connected peers.